Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Surprise visit...

Got home from Whitacre heath and my daughter volunteered to look after Darwin, her friends bearded dragon

This weekend

So Bank holiday and it always rains eh... not this time!  Had a glorious weekend that was made better by the fact I'm not in work for another week!!

SO what do you do, well I nipped out to my local reserve (Whitacre Heath) and had about an hour there.  Loads of stuff calling but with this nice weather, the trees have all go leaves on so it's hard to see them!

Did see a couple of really nice male Pheasants though One of which I've posted on the whittty blog so here's the other one.

 quite a lot of the spring flowers are going over already but I'm sure they will be back for a second flush.

Pink Campion

From here I nipped to Coton Lakes to get a shot of the toothwort and some Common Vetch
Not at it's best now but at least I've got a record of it.  And the common vetch isn't the best shot I've ever taken as there was a bit of breeze just rocking it at the wrong time!
Common Vetch
Common Vetch
Sunday I went to Paxton Pits and Summer Leys NR - two super little reserves,  But alas, no camera so can't do much about that.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a little bit of sun ...

And all sorts of things start happening!  Last year I got some Auricula's (just for fun) and they really are hardy little fella's, these have been outside all winter ( and I recorded -26c in my unheated greenhouse) but they're certainly making up for it now.

Auricula Everest Blue
Everest Blue
Auricula Nina
Auricula Beatrice
Auricula Autumn Fire
Autumn Fire
And the good news is there are still some to come!

Other things that are happening at the moment.  I went to the Wyre Forest on Saturday and had a good few hours, only marred by the fact one of my new memory cards packed up! but luckily I had another two with me.  but I lost some of the earlier shots I took. Still managed a few
Bitter Vetch
the Bees were out in force which was good to see
Bumblebee on Pear blossom
Buff tails on Pear blossom
And this chiffchaff just couldn't wait
Nesting Chiffchaff

Monday, April 11, 2011

what else is happening...

As you may have noticed, I am taken photo's of other things apart from Birds these days.  To this end I've set up a blog for another group that hopefully I can contribute to in the next few months.

http://vc38flora.blogspot.com/  - Warwickshire Flora Group.

Homepage of the blog

so take a look and if you live in Warwickshire or visit Warwickshire (including the old VC38 county) take a look and maybe even fill in a sighting form for them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some more from yesterday

few more photo's from yesterday...

First batch, some Wild flowers

Sweet Violets - Viola odorata

Interesting Lichens

Add caption

Now for something new to me, The Beefly -  Bombylius major.  A strange looking little sod but I guess it's mother loves it

Beefly -  Bombylius major

And a proper job as my old friend used to say - you can see that the bee fly does look like a bee

Buff-tailed bumblebee - 

Bombus terrestris

So a good day all in all.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Snook out for a couple of hours

And went to Ufton Fields Nr Leamington Spa.  THe weather was a bit too good really but hey, I'm not complaining!!.   Anyway nothing of great importance but did get a few photo's of Bullerflies and a chance to play with my new lens - A canon 28-105mm f3.5 and i have to say, I think I like it! but most of these were taken with my good old faithful 100-400 ISL

The first shot is taken with the new lens and it looks OK to me both with and without the glasses on!
Little Grebe Pool

Now some Butterflies.

Orange Tip


Speckled Wood
The last is the flower of one of the many willows and the 400mm lens blurs the background nicely I think.  I didn't manage to see anything else of note  but an enjoyable couple of hours.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

In t'greenhoose

Well, just got back from sunny somerset and had a quick look in the greenhouse and my chrysanth plants look to have survived and the cuttings look as if they've rooted.

My Tomatoes have gone from zip to a pot full in two days , some alpine seedlings have sprouted but no signs of life with my remaining two dahlia tubers yet... still not bad really.

 Need to finish tidying up and get rid of all the rubbish and then start laying out the garden soon to accomodate the 30+ cuttings.  I think I'm going to level it off , spray with roundup and then put some membrane & gravel down to help suppress the weeds.  then I can use it with a cold frame early on in the year,

Down the lottie I have a new shed to erect and rotavate the bit of land ready for planting out the 30-40 chrysanths and I may even sneak a few early tatties in.