Monday, May 23, 2011

Norfolk Weekend - part two

So where did I leave you .. Ah yes, Titchwell so it must have been Sarnies, tea and bearded tits ! Right then Onwards and upwards.

Day 3 - The other way

Having ate heartily, we ventured to Kelling Heath in search of Dartford warblers of which there were none but we did get several stonechats and a solitary yellow hammer singing is heart out ( when he wasn't hanging on for grim death).


The heath looked a really good habitat but had had a few encounters with sparks from the steam engines of the North Norfolk Railway - never a good mix, dry heath and sparks.  But I guess this will result in some re growth in a couple of years time.

Female Stonechat

Whilst here we bumped in to a ex pat from Warwickshire (whose name I can't remember) but we had a good chat about local birders that he knew so it was good.

Male Stonechat

Also, his colleague ( God, I'm resorting to work speak in my own time now!!) was incredibly knowledgeable about the chats on the heath, he must have spent years watching them !

From here we shot over to Salthouse, again windy but sunny. Here, after a bit of searching, we managed to tick off Wheatear, Rock pipit and shore lark so not bad for an hour or so. then over to Cley our last stop before we went home.  I can recommend the Marsh-mans lunch - I have never seen such a slab of cheese!
Another Marsh man after his lunch

On the Marsh we only visited the two nearest hides I didn't think the strong winds would be conducive to anything popping out of the reed and apart from the "usual suspects" as they say we did manage a little and Temincks stint so pretty good considering.

I think the final species tally was 56 birds, 8 butterflies 2 damsels and a dragonfly (no ID) which when it was more of a learning trip for my friend and poor conditions and not a twitching trip was well worth it.  I just wish I could have taken more photo's but even with the tripod it was bad being buffeted all the time.

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