Monday, May 30, 2011

Whatever you do, don't Sneeze!

Spent an interesting few hours on SUnday freeing my nuts off in search of the Night heron at Earlswood lakes..I was unsuccessful but had a really good time chatting to the other birders there and especially Kevin Groocock and Matt Griffiths (the starter of this rumour ).

The day started off with a bit of a mix up over the minibus and we eventually decided to go local in cars (Did I tell you it was a bird club trip?) So 4 of them set off to Rutland and the remaining 7 of us set off for Earlswood Lakes after it was suggested we try for the Night heron . The other lot were well on the way by then so didn't turn around .

We got to Earlswood and had a quick look round and there was no sign so it was decided to push on to Upton Warren and then come back later to try again, but I took a few shots whilst we were there.

Banded Demoiselle

Amphibious Bistort

So after a quick tea stop it was off to Upton Warren (somewhere I've never been before) and what a nice little reserve.  The highlight of the trip for me was a beautiful pair of Bullfinches first I've seen like this for ages.

Male Bullfinch
it was at this point Kammo Kath decided to get her camera ou and then just as she lined the shot up Alan Ramsell sneezed with the inevitable result

So if you want a shot kath... £5 :D  We had the usual warblerage singing away and this fella stopped for a quick pose.

Sedge Warbler

and then it was back to earlswood for the long wait...

Mandarin and Mate
It was a bit slow as they say, and so anything that came into range got photo'd.  The mandarin duck for one (along with his mate a female mallard).

Common Tern
Unfortunately for us the damn thing appeared about 30 minutes after we left but it was still a good day.

Sunset at Earlswood

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